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JY27467T13F98SH Amphenol aluminum Female and male mil 38999

HOW TO ORDER   Identification Code            JY  27466   T  15E   35  P  N   H Product Type                            Plug (T)Shield plug (T)Wall...




Identification Code            JY 27466  T 15E  35 P N  H

Product Type                           

Plug (T)
Shield plug (T)
Wall front mounting receptacle
Box front mounting receptacle
Wall back mounting receptacle
Box back mounting receptacle
Screw Fixation Receptacle


Contact Type

T= Screw thread tail, with stop gear, can be installed backshell 

E= Tail Without screw thread and stop gear, can't be installed backshell 


Contact NO.                       08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24  


B = Aluminum alloy shell, olive green cadmium plating
C = Aluminum alloy shell, anodic oxidation
F = Aluminum alloy shell, electroless nickle plated
E = Stainless steel shell, passivation


Contact arrangement


Contact part                     

P  = Crimp pin             S = Crimp socket

PH = Welding pin         SH = Welding socket

PL = Long PCB pin       SL = Long PCB socket

PC = Short PCB pin      SC = Short PCB socket


Key                                    (N)-N key,  (A)-B key,  (B)-B key,  (C)-C key,  (D)-D key 


Conditions of use environment

Environmental temperature-55 ° C ~ +200° C
Relative Humidityat+40° C,95%
Working Height
Elevation 30000m 
Sinusoidal Vibration10 ~ 2000HZ, 196m/s2
Constant Acceleration
Shock 980m/s2
Rated Voltage500V
Insulation Resistance 


Dielectric Withstand Voltage1500V



JY27467T13F98SH Amphenol aluminum Female and male mil 38999

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